Ellie, Luke and Blake are cousins who live on the compound of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.  They are from a long line of Dream Travelers who can trace their ancestry back to the Croatoan Indians who first inhabited the island.  Through their travels, they and their protective wolves, journey through time to discover their own roots connected to the history of this unique stretch of sand.

There is mystery, folk legend, legacy and adventure as they move in and out of their dreams.  They tell a story of a time when the islanders were isolated from the mainland, connected by only a mail boat from across the water.

Everyone interested in Hatteras Island and the Lighthouse will enjoy the escapades, and marvel at the facts that are revealed.

Book 2

The kids begin to notice the island around them.  They are protected by the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, which not only stands sentinel over the island but also the ships at sea.

In Book I, they find their mental powers.  Book II takes them on a journey through their abilities, meeting the nature around them, living in a dream provided by the Mighty Poseidon.  As the adventures progress, they learn to communicate with animals, creatures of the sea, and those in the air.  They listen as the islanders recall legends and stories that provide the ancient lore associated with the villages. They follow their Saints in dreams of what has been.  They search for their heritage, and wish to revisit their colorful past.  They find the bridge.

Book 3

The pirates discussed in this book were the ones who operated off the coast of Cape Hatteras.  There were many others, whose area of activities, held them around New England, the islands near Martha’s Vineyard, and off the edge of Providence Town in the state of Rhode Island.  There were others who operated out of New York, Philadelphia, and the capes of New Jersey.  Other pirates made their home near Charleston, South Carolina, still others on the outskirts of Florida.  The pirates in this book, were familiar with the shores of all of the above, but they spent most of their time in the area of North Carolina.